Health Promotion & Education

The Refuge Group believes self-sufficiency and productivity cannot be attained when individuals are not healthy. That is why health promotion and education within the refugee community is important. This is one of the most important programs The Refuge Group plans on implementing. If individuals are healthy, they are more productive. If they are more productive, the economy grows. It’s a win-win situation.



Refugees are resilient individuals. They still function in their countries of resettlement despite having faced horrific situations in their countries of origin. The Refuge Group believes that this functionality can be improved by providing some tools and resources to function at a greater capacity.

Cultural and Traditional


Refugees are forced to leave or flee their homes. When they are resettled, they find themselves in places they are not familiar with. Many things are different: language, culture, tradition, behavior, etc. As they learn the new ways of saying or doing things, they forget their culture and tradition. It’s also the case that, the countries of origin of many refugees are still unstable. Families are dispersed making it hard for the elderly to transmit their culture and tradition to the young as it used to be. There’s no documentation or research of those cultures and traditions. They are likely to become extinct in the future. The Refuge Group has pledged to prevent that from happening.



Many of our behaviors and deeds negatively impact the environment we live in. This is true in the countries of origin of refugees and their countries of resettlement. The Refuge Group believes we have a duty to stop that from happening or reduce the rate by which it’s happening. Although governments and scientists are trying to address this issue, we should not write off individual efforts; they all add up.